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How to shrink wrap with a sealer

I noticed a lot of people having trouble trying to decide if they want to shrink wrap.  Along with that, there is the decision to buy or not to buy a sealer.  I hope this short picture site will help in making that decision.   A sealer is a big investment that may not be right for everyone.  Hopefully this will give you a good idea of what a sealer can do. 

These are pictures of the items  that will be sealed in their bags or tubes

These are pictures of actually sealing the bags or tubes.

When you have your machine down you can pull the bag away and it will cut.

To get the air out of your bag you slice a very small cut into the back in your shrink wrap so the air can escape.

I have heard that some people use a hair dryer, but I have never had one hot enough.  I use a heat gun to shrink

When I shrink I start on the bottom and get a lot of the play out of the sealed bag.  When the bag snugs up I turn the item over and take the last of the wrinkles out.  It is important to keep the heat gun moving.  If you heat too long in one place you can burn a hole in the package. 

Final overview of process